This module can greatly simplify user entry of repeating dates by allowing the administrator to pre-set repeat date rules.

The module supports two types of preset:

  1. Select a preset repeat from a list. (E.g. every year, every month, every week). Up to 5 configurable preset repeat rules are allowed as well as the options to not repeat or, if configured, to specify a custom repeat rule via the standard form. This is similar to the way Apple iCal does it.
  2. A single configurable preset rule which is either applied automatically for a specialised date field (e.g. your birthday, anniversary etc) or via a checkbox for a more general "is this an annual event" type field.

All versions are dependent on the Date module. 6.x versions are also dependent on AHAH helper.

The following sites/apps inspired the repeat date presets module:

  • Apple iCal - very slick repeat date UI - example of preset select box with custom option.
  • Amazon - Your profile > Your reminders > create/edit reminder - example of optional single repeat rule.

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