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DataPublic is a Drupal installation profile/distribution for Open Government initiative. It comes bundled with over a dozen of custom features and modules that are unique to an Open Gov initiative. Find out more at


You can see a fully functional demonstration of the Installation Profile/Distribution at

DataPublic Capabilities

  • Fully multilingual navigation and content ideal for engaging with diverse citizen communities
  • Mobile-ready theme adjusts layout & content dynamically to desktop & mobile browsers
  • Bundles an Open Data catalogue & document library feature for data & information sharing
  • Engage citizens via blog, image, and video galleries with commenting & social media sharing

DataPublic Features

DataPublic was designed and built based on best practices and experience from the Open Source and Open Data communities. End-users have the advantage of using a fully-built out Drupal framework with many unique features:

  • Services Content
  • Documents
  • Datasets
  • Press Releases
  • Video Galleries
  • Image Galleries
  • Blog Content
  • Events Lists & Calendars
  • Interactive Maps

Unique Modules

  • oEmbed Thumbnail With oEmbed Thumbnail you don’t need to upload images or videos. Simply link to them using the Link field and oEmbed will incorporate thumbnails into galleries.
  • Working Photo Galleries : Allows photo uploading as well as dynamic resizing, scaling, and cropping.
  • DataLab / OGDI Field – This module pulls in Open Government Data from the Open Data catalogue via the DataLab/OGDI API. It then outputs it to screen in a user-friendly formatted table and map using Bing Maps V7.0 and the jQuery Bing Maps plugin.
  • Silverlight Map – This interactive mapping framework pulls in Drupal content into a map with text, photos, and video. It is available as an out-of-browser Windows application and can be used in multiple blocks with different feeds.


Future developments:

  • To improve features based on community requirements (open data community) as well as customer use-cases & requirements.
  • Better maps integration in the catalogue (support for KML, more options).
  • Integration of catalogue datasets with content types.
  • Support for Windows Azure websites.


DataPublic is a Drupal installation profile. For more information on installation profiles read this documentation from

Make File

This distribution also comes with a .make file which allows the use of Drush Make to quickly download all the necessary themes, modules and libraries.

For example if you want to create your new DataPublic site in a folder called "mysite", the command to do that would be:

drush make build-datapublic.make mysite

This will download all the necessary modules and plugins needed to install the DataPublic site. Then visit, choose "DataPublic" as the installation profile and follow the instructions.

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