This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

libdmtx API for Drupal

libdmtx is an open-source library for reading and writing Data Matrix barcodes, two-dimensional symbols that hold a dense pattern of data with built-in error correction. This module provides a PHP wrapper API enabling Drupal developers to make use of libdmtx's matrix code encoding/decoding functionality; it contains no end-user functionality per se, and should only be installed where another module requires it as a dependency.

This module requires PHP 5.2 or newer. In addition, the libdmtx command-line tools, specifically dmtxread and dmtxwrite, must be installed on the web server.

This project is being developed by Arto Bendiken and Vinay Gupta for use in The Hexayurt Project and the CheapID digital identity standard.

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