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Development is stopped. Please, use CSS Embedded Images

All missing features are now integrated to CSS Embedded Images by its developers. So this module becomes obsolete. If you have sites running Data URI Sprites Generator, you should probably think of migration to CSS Embedded Images.


Module parses aggregated CSS files for images, removes images from it and generates additional CSS file containing all images in Data URI format.

For IE 6 & 7 MHTML is generated (actually, MHTML resources + CSS) and attached inside conditional comments (CSS with Data URI images is also attached inside conditional comments, so every browser is downloading necessary code only).


  • Instead of 1+N HTTP requests (1 for aggregated CSS file and N for images) you'll get 1+1 requests (1 for aggregated CSS file and one for CSS file with all images), which gives you faster page loading and lower server load.
  • A small bonus: image preload is not necessary with this module enabled

Supported browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 6 & 7 (through MHTML)
  • Internet Explorer 8 (single Data URI is limited up to 32Kb)
  • Mozilla Firefox and other Gecko-based
  • Safari, Chrome and other WebKit-based
  • Opera

First alpha release is available now. Please test it and report about any problems.

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