Drupal Accelerator Framework (DAF) is a Drupal distribution for creating quick time to market content and marketing websites.

The purpose of the distribution is to provide a package with common required features (for a website) as a starting point to the development team.

1. Quick time to market due to baked-in features.
2. Increased reliability due to well researched and tested module list.
3. Increased quality due to better developer tools.

It offers following feature set at the moment.
Dev Tools: Common tools used by developers for debugging and testing
Analytics: Page and event level tracking with Google analytic
UX and layout: Page layout tools
Responsive: Base themes and modules for responsive /adaptive design
Search: SOLR based search
Spark: Friendly UX for Site and content administrators
Workflow: Multi step workflow

Operation or how to use it
These features can be used in two ways
1. During the install:- During the install process you will be prompted to select the options. select the appropriate features and save it.
2. After the install:- You can enable the features via the standard module administration page. All the above features are available under DAF module.

Project Information