This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module provides a really fast, secure and stable, lightweight CLI Daemon. This daemon exposes a simple hook in order for module to run actions using it.


  • Clean usage of pcntl_* extension, with SIG handling.
  • Lightweight, it does bootstrap a Drupal in child processes in order to let modules benefits from hook_init(), hook_exit(), and a clean environment.
  • Is able to run job_queue jobs, and Drupal cron if no other module has been run.
  • Provide a Drush integration.
  • The CLI Daemon can be run and killed by site administrator from the Drupal administration.
  • Proceed implementing module list pragmatically, run the first found and dies after remembering where is its module pointer within the module list.

Use cases

  • Heavy data migration, as with the Yamm module, for example.
  • Recurrent arbitrary data alteration, like feeding node reference fields content as with the Solace Node Reference module.
  • Running job queue in order to send a lot of mail in another context than the HTTPd limited execution threads.
  • Running the cron outside the same HTTPd environment.


No Drupal 7 version of this package will be created. This code will be ported to Drupal 7 as a sub-package of the Advanced Batch module, which is actually in a sandbox state.

Issues, bugfixes and maintenance for this Drupal 6 version remains welcomed.



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This module has been originally developed by Florent Jousseaume, for a larger project.
This module has been made generic because of DataSync daemon heavy bugs.

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