New widget's checkboxes appear at the top of the order edit page.

The big idea

This module provides a dynamic way to add new customer profile types for the Commerce module using a UI. So if you want another customer profile type other then the default billing pane that comes with Commerce, you can now easily add new ones using this module. Just as the billing profile type is fieldable and you control how fields are displayed, the same is true for any profile types you create using this module.

There are a few other juicy features too ...

Dynamic enabling/disabling of profile types

This module also adds a new widget (Dynamic profile form manager) for commerce customer profile reference fields that allows admins to enable/disable customer profiles on the order edit form using some checkboxes and some slick ajaxiness.

The widget settings include options to wrap the customer profile panes in collapsible fieldsets. This becomes especially useful if you have many customer profile types that clutter the order edit form. The same settings are also added to the default customer profile manager widget that ships with commerce.

Rules integration

If you also enable the rules module then you can dynamically enable/disable customer profile panes during checkout.

New rule event: 'Before customer profile panes are displayed'
New rule actions:
'Disable all customer profile panes' - disables all customer profile panes on the order
'Disable a customer profile pane' - allows you to select a specific customer profile type to disable.
'Enable a customer profile pane' - allows you to select a specific customer profile type to enable.

What I have personally used this for ...

  • providing different checkout workflows for different product types
  • creating a dynamic event registration system
  • multiple membership type registrations forms
  • membership renewal forms
  • A key component for a drupal native CRM


Really the sky is the limit here!!!


The documentation for this module is contained in its advanced help files which you can view on your site when you enable the module and also the README.txt file.


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