This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This is a small module to help developers create and destroy custom menu's. It fills a small gap in Drupal 6.

The functions menu_save and menu_load are available in Drupal 7 for this purpose.

There are currently only three functions available:

 * Create or update a custom menu
 * @param array $menu
 *  An array containing the following parameters:
 *  - 'title': The UI title for the menu
 *  - 'description': an optional description
 *  - 'menu_name': The machine name for the menu
function custom_menu_save($menu)

 * Delete a custom menu
 * @param $menu_name
 *  Name of the menu to delete
 * @param bool $delete_links
 *  Whether to also delete links matching this menu from the menu_links table
function custom_menu_delete($menu_name, $delete_links = TRUE)

 * Validate if a custom menu exists
 * @param string $menu_name
 *  The machine name of the custom menu to create
 * @return bool
 *  TRUE, if the menu exists, or FALSE, if none is found
function custom_menu_exists($menu_name)

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