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Panels is a very flexible module, you can add almost anything to regions of your layout. Almost but not everything, until now, it was very difficult to add files, links, and images to panes. This module started as a way to add CCK fields to panes, but it was hard, so instead, I decided to use the FAPI and imitate some of the most popular fields. Currently, you can add Files, Images, Links, Text and soon Embedded Videos to panes.

It mimics CCK Fields but they are not CCK fields, Views won't be aware of them, and you can't extend or configure the fields you want to add.

I've just fixed a critical bug. Please read #885290: Files are saved as FILE_STATUS_TEMPORARY and Cron deletes them


  • This module is dependent on Ctools and it will only be useful with Panels.
  • If you want to add Embedded Video you'll need to install Video Filter. Any bugs with this module should be reported to Video Filter and not here.
  • Imagecache is no longer a dependency, but it is highly recommended.

Know bugs:

  • Files do not get removed if a pane containing a file or image is removed

New features in 1.0

  • Now you can add Embedded videos.
  • Imagecache is no longer a dependency but it is highly recommended.
  • Better theme functions


If you override the theme functions, review them since some of them changed. Many changes were made to the module, specially to the textfield component. Some changes may affect your site, so be careful with this on production sites.

You can help this module with with patches, docs, better icons, leaving a review at or just by saying thanks. I'd love to here from you.

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