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Menu Settings for Page Content Type

D7 not needed, it's in the core.

#1605982: Seeking new maintainer(s)

This module allow to set the Menu Settings with certain Menus for content editing by Content Type.

From version 2 of the module you have to be not logged in as user #1.

example1 : I want that the menu-settings just show up on content-type "page" and not on other content-types. so that users wont be confused to have these settings where they dont make sense.

example2 : for the "Images" content Type I want to have only "Images" Menu available for "images" content.

Once installed the Menu Settings will not available in Node Edit Form until you set the Menus we want in the Content Type Settings (Administer > Content management > Content types > TheContentType edit)

Initial development sponsored by REALPRO

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