This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

CSS Names is a collection of small modules that make it possible to add theming to items that were previously difficult to target with css selectors. Most of these modules just add additional class names to a particular HTML element, with the class name based on the element's content or position within the parent structure.

Currently, CSS Names includes the following modules:

* cck_css - adds additional classes to CCK fields containing multiple values, allowing them to be targeted with css.

* menu_css_names - adds additional classes to Drupal built-in menus, as well as menus provided by Nice Menus, and local task menus (tabs). This started out as a standalone project, but is now incorporated into CSS Names as well.

* uc_attribute_css - adds an additional class to each Ubercart attribute, based on the name of the attribute.

* views_rows_css - adds additional classes to table displays in Views, allowing specific rows in a table to be targeted with css.

Future Updates

Working on a port for Drupal 7!

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