Cron Key is a module that adds various utility functions for the Drupal cron system. As of July 29, 2013, this project is under new maintainership.

Drupal 6
The Drupal 6 version was originally contributed by doq and protects "cron.php" against unauthorized access. This version is no longer supported.

Drupal 7
The Drupal 7 version adds a "Reset cron key" button on the system Cron page that changes the system cron_key variable. This might be a useful utility module for anyone who has reason to believe their cron key has been accidentally disclosed.

Drush commands are available that display the system cron key (drush cron-key) and reset the system cron key (drush cron-key-reset).

Cron Key is supported and maintained by the Larks at Exaltation of Larks. The Drupal 7 version was created and contributed as an instructional example at Droplabs during Drupal Module Development Boot Camp lab hours.

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