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CRM Core Donation is a tool for managing fundraising in a Drupal website. It extends CRM Core by adding the ability to process online donations and track donation activity in useful ways. It includes reports on donation activity and donors.

There is an install profile available that demonstrates the use of this module.


This module provides the following features:

  • Build online donation forms for processing donations, both online and offline.
  • Create multiple online donation pages, which display forms for accepting donations.
  • Customize the appearance of online donation pages using other tools from Drupal, including photos, videos, audio, twitter feeds, and all sorts of other stuff.
  • Track the source of donations to provide a complete donor management solution.
  • Send personalized email messages to donors upon completion of transactions.
  • Select payment processors to use for transactions on a page-by-page basis.
  • Generate detailed reports on donation activity that includes information about sources, individual page performance, overall fundraising activities, donor details, LYBUNT, SYBUNT and more.

In addition, you have access to additional features through the underlying CRM Core platform:

  • Contact record management, and the ability to get a 360-degree view of a donor's actions from within your site.
  • A drag and drop form builder for creating online donation forms, controlling the workflow surrounding payment processing, and securing access to individual forms.
  • Tight integration with user accounts, allowing you to customize content based on someone's donation history.
  • Contact matching, de-duplication and other basic features for managing information about people.


See the README.txt file for information on installation and configuration, and the README-usage.txt file for notes on advanced usage.

There is a video demonstrating how to set up online donation forms in CRM Core Donation.

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  • CRM Core Donation Demo: An install profile that provides a fully-configured CRM Core Donation website. Useful for evaluating the module or as a base for building new sites.

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