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Creative Commons

The Creative Commons module allows users to select and assign a Creative Commons license to a node and any attached content, or to the entire site. It also provides integration between CC and Drupal technology.

alpha2 includes a schema change to support being able to add cc licenses to entities as well as nodes. There is currently no update from D6 or even alpha1 to alpha 2. This isn't likely to be added until beta1 unless someone contributes a patch.

Before using the D7 version, please read: #1558096: D7 Roadmap

  • The Creative Commons API to get up-to-date license information (language localization available)
  • Licensing is enabled per content type.
  • Administrators can control which roles have permission to license content, restrict which license types are available, require specific metadata be included, and set site-wide defaults
  • Users can be permitted to set their own defaults, subject to site-wide settings
  • License information and metadata is available through the Views API (basics implemented, more to come)
  • A CC search option is available (depends on Drupal search module)
  • ccREL is implemented using RDFa to embed machine-readable metadata in the page (e.g. for search engines to recognize licensing)

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