Sample website heat map from Crazy Egg

This module provides integration with the Crazy Egg heatmap service.

This module is very simple and easy to use. Simply install it into your Drupal site (works with Drupal 6 and 7), enter your Crazy Egg account number on the settings form, and save your settings. The module will do the rest!

In addition to heatmaps, this module enables the other aspects of Crazy Egg's service, including:

  • "Confetti" click maps
  • See where visitors are scrolling on your pages
  • Track user eye movements by tracing their mouse patterns
  • Set up a/b testing, or "split tests" to test multiple versions of a page. (Note: Using Panels is a great way to do this with Drupal)

Crazy Egg integration is extremely useful for split testing and on-page analytics.

See attached screenshots above.

Drupal 8

This module was ported to Drupal 8 for a client and is working for them against Beta 12. I (Michelle) am not actively working on the module anymore but it will be fixed if needed as the client's site is ported to newer Drupal 8 versions. Once Drupal 8 has a stable release, I will make a stable D8 release of Crazy Egg.

Supporting organizations: 
Maintaining Drupal 8 compatible branch

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