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When working with CCK, have you ever wished you could specify PHP code to perform processing on what a user has entered into a field before the field value is stored?

Have you ever wanted to use a Node Reference field, but have users specify the node(s) to reference in a completely different format than the node ID or node title? For example, to have users enter codes like the kind you would find under the cap of a soda bottle, while having the field convert the codes into node references under-the-hood?

If you've found yourself in any of these situations, then Covert Fields is for you!

This module defines a CCK widget and field formatter that can sit on top of a Text, Node Reference, or User Reference field. To the user, the widget looks like a normal text field, but it provides the administrator of the site with the ability to specify PHP code that gets invoked at the following stages of the CCK field lifecycle:

  • During widget input validation (Code for Validation)
  • After widget input validation, but before input is passed-on to the underlying CCK field type for validation & storage. (Code for Stored Value)
  • After storage, but before display of the node to the user (if the display formatter is used). (Code for Displayed Value)
  • After storage, but before the node edit form is presented to the user. (Code for Displayed Value)

Essentially, this module de-couples what the user enters and sees for a field value from how that value is stored in the underlying CCK field.

Features (for users with the ability to modify CCK field settings)

  • Allows a user with the permission to enter PHP code to optionally provide code to control how a Covert Field validates a user's entry; converts a user's entry into the value needed for storage; and converts the stored value into the value needed for display.
  • Allows a user who does not have the permission to enter PHP code to see what PHP code has been entered for the Covert Field but not modify it.
  • Allows a user to override the validation error returned by the underlying CCK field with a more specific, more user-friendly, custom message. The custom message can include the original message or the value that the user entered.

This module is part of the meetü Game Platform from the Open Publishing Lab @ RIT.

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