This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Provide location-appropriate path and content handling based on user's country.

Implemented features include:

  • Rewrite URLs to have country code prefixes base on user's country.
  • Country discovering based on user's IP address
  • Pluggable system allowing developers to implement other methods for discovering user's country.
  • Introduce a per country language negotiation setting.
  • UI for adding countries along with their supported languages.
  • Ability to set a country to be 'Global'.
  • Views filters based on the current country code.
  • Set language based on current country code according to configurable rules.
  • A country switcher block.

This module depends on Site Country module.

Development has halted on this module due to design issues related to overriding Drupal core language negotiation. While the module may be useful in some circumstances, users are strongly cautioned that it is incomplete and that there is no further development planned.

Development of this module was sponsored in part by CivicActions.

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