This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module will prevent users under the age of 13 from logging in if their respective parent or guardian (P/G) have not "signed" their COPPA compliance form. If a users Date of Birth -- stored in their user profile -- cannot be determined, the user will not be allowed to login.

P/G to child relationships will be loaded into an internal {coppa} table. This table will track the Parent to Child relationships and monitor when COPPA compliance was first achieved.

Suggested setup;

  1. enable profile module
  2. enable coppa module: this looks for a profile field called "Date of Birth" (profile_dob) and creates it if not present.
  3. create a user role that will require COPPA compliance suggestions (student, etc.)
  4. visit 'admin/settings/coppa' and select the above user role
  5. also visit 'admin/user/coppa/add' to add parent/child relationships
  6. also visit 'admin/user/coppa/manage' to manage existing parent/child relationships

Any users with the role you select at 'admin/settings/coppa' will now require coppa compliance to login and use the site. Please be careful in choosing the role; using "authenticated user" can lock all users out of the system if they do not have a profile_dob over 13 years from the current date.

Disclaimer: Any sites requiring COPPA compliance should vet their membership policies with a lawyer. This module is NOT a substitute for sound legal advice. COPPA law is interpreted in different ways in different jurisdictions; and this module comes with NO GUARANTEES that it will enforce COPPA compliance in all jurisdictions.

This module was originally developed by the friendly primates at FunnyMonkey.

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