This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This allows you to use HTML-like tags as an alternative to HTML itself for adding almost any type of media to your posts for most of modern browsers both in windows & linux easily. It can also help you make Videos on GoogleVideo,YouTube, Ifilm, VSocial etc.(many more, refer to document for detail) embedded in your drupal page. And it just use php to highlight most of common used programming languages, like cpp,java,php,python,ruby etc. You need not install enscript or something like that on your webserver.

Since some files needed by the module are not contained in CVS according to DRUPAL policy ,please read documentation first in "Resources section", and download extra package before you install!

[coolplayer] tag. The media type supported include: rm, rmvb, ra, rv, ram, smil, smi, rtsp, rpm, asf, wm, wma, wmv, wax, wvx, ogg, ape, avi, mid, midi, wav, mms, m3u, asx, mov, qt, mqv, m4v, m4a, m4b, mpeg, mpg, m1s, m1v, m1a, m75, m15, mp2, mpm, mpv, mpa, flc, fli, cel, aiff, aif, aifc, cdda, bwf, rts, 3gp, 3gpp, 3g2, 3gp2, au, snd, ulw, smf, kar, qcp, sdv, gsm, amr, caf, amc, mp4, sdp, pdf, fdf, xfdf, xdp, xfd, gif, jpg, jpeg, bmp, png, xpm, dir, dxr, dcr, cst, cct, cxt, w3d, fgd, swa, swf, spl, mp3, flv, rtmp, rbs, xml, rss, xspf, atom.

[ coolplayer] also supports video online such as: YouTube, Ifilm, VSocial, TuDou Video, atomFilms, BrightCove, YoQoo, 5 Show, 6Room, Mofile TV,, Evil Chili, Wildko, Yikers Videos & Games, Red Balcony Videos & Games, Live Video, Odeo Audio, Revver, MetaCafe, MySpace, GoEar, Break, Stupid Videos, Viddler, DailyMotion, I’m Vlog, RockYou, SevenLoad,, and Google Video.

The insert media not only support IE or windows browsers, but also support Firefox, Opera those Linux/Unix browsers .

You can insert several mediae at one time and switch them to play with out reloading the page. it give you a download url following the media window. you can enter a media url to play when you double click the download bar.

For Example:


or multi table in one window

[coolplayer width="640" height="480"]
<a href="">Bugs bunny cartoon on family guy</a>
<a width="480" height="420" href="">Funny as hell</a>

This plugin can pass XHTML validation!!

[coolcode] tag. And CoolFilter can also add syntax highlighting and generate code file on fly for download, base on PHP:PEAR:Text_Highlighter.

Now it can support languages below, and you can easily add languages by yourself
# cpp# css# diff# dtd# html# java# javascript# mysql# perl# php# python# ruby# sql# xml

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