This module is an replacement for the Cookie Cache Bypass module that is a part of the Drupal 6 Pressflow distribution.

The purpose of the module is to set a short-lived NO_CACHE cookie on form submissions so that when using a reverse-proxy (such as Varnish) you could be certain that your site visitors would get dynamic pages after form submissions.

This module performs the same function, but adds some customizations for users.

  1. Rather than taking the minimum cache lifetime and adding 300 seconds to it as the lifetime for the NO_CACHE cookie (this could be anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 day + 5 minutes) we allow the user to set the time they would like that cookie to persist for.
  2. Rather than setting the cookie path for / (the entire site) we allow users to choose to set for / or the value of request_uri() followed by a trailing slash. This means that if your form is at URL /foo and your post-form pages are always /foo/something-else, then this setting will increase your cache hits. See and read the information on the 'path' parameter for more information.
  3. The original Cookie Cache Bypass module set the cookie as the (possibly) last submit function run after a form submission. Sometimes, if previous submit or validate functions redirected before the cookie cache bypass submit function was run, the NO_CACHE cookie would not get set. This module allows you to pick from 4 possible times to have that cookie be set.
    • Before all other validate functions. This is the most aggressive setting, but it ensures your cookie will always be set. The downside is that if spammers are hitting your forms, they will always also get non-cached pages and you could see more cache misses than you would like with your reverse proxy.
    • After all other validate functions. This means that all form input has been validated and is either good (and the user is proceeding to the submit function) or it is bad and they will be sent back to the form. This is OK, so long as you have no other custom validate functions that may redirect elsewhere.
    • Before all other submit functions. This is essentially the same as b and is an option in case some other custom submit action are configured to run between validate and submit (though I honestly can't think of a scenario when
      this happens).
    • After all other submit functions. This is typically when the original pressflow version of this module ran the cookie addition. This is the time that is best for reverse-proxy cache hits, but the worst time if there is any dynamic reaction in validate functions, or if there are redirects in validate or submit functions that run before this one.

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