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Documentation is hard! Developers are often too close to the implementation details to write effective end-user documentation. End-users aren't likely to go outside the application to write documentation.

Contextual Help keeps help content in nodes, relating to specific paths for which the help is relevant. It provides a block that lists contextual help nodes filtered to those relevant to the page the block is being displayed on. Clicking on any of these links will display the contextual help in an overlay. A link to add new content relevant to a given page (again in a modal overlay) is also provided.

One benefit of this approach, is that knowledgeable end-users can easily contribute back new or improved documentation by re-exporting the feature with additional content via features_uuid. Alternatively, site-specific contextual help can be added independently of application-specific help content.

Open Atrium 2

UI integration with Open Atrium 2 is implemented as a sub-module, atrium_contextual_help. It adds the block as a pop-up attached to a button inserted into the toolbar.

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