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The module integrates the Contextly service with Drupal-powered websites.

Contextly helps publishers keep readers reading with related and interesting content recommendation widgets at the end of posts and in sidebars. Contextly provides an elegant way to:

  • add links to the body of stories
  • choose related posts without links
  • add sidebars into the body of posts.

The service, which doesn't tax your database, has a free tier for personal bloggers and paid tiers with extra features, including in-house ads, for publishers of all sizes.

Integration details

Contextly buttons are integrated into WYSIWYG editors using the following combinations:

Editor Its version Drupal module
TinyMCE 3.4+
4.x branch is not supported yet
CKEditor 3.6.1+
tested up to 4.2

Usage of the above editors is strongly recommended. Basic features are usable without it, but you won't be able to use sidebars and add links to the text.

Features of the integration module:

  • Support for all Contextly features, including sidebars, widget with related links, easy UI to add links to the post, etc.
  • Sidebars are integrated into the Drupal text formats system (called input formats on Drupal 6).
  • Configurable position of the Contextly widget on the node page.
  • Selectable Contextly-enabled node types and taxonomy reference fields sent to the service.

Installation and upgrade

Starting from 6.x-2.0 and 7.x-2.0 versions the Contextly Integration Kit is required. See module documentation for installation and upgrade instructions: 6.x and 7.x.

Bug reports

Please check the FAQ section of the documentation before submitting issues.

Project information