This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Provides two context module conditions related to a user profile page being viewed:
1) Evaluates the role(s) of the owner of the user page being viewed.
ie. Return true if the user page being viewed is owner by user with XXX role.

2) Evaluates whether the global user (logged in user $user) is viewing their owner user page(s)

Basic Setup:

1) Enable the module (& the context module)
2) Add a new context
3) You will see 2 conditions in the conditions list called:
A. "User Page Owner" - Determines if global user is or is not the user page owner
B. "User Pages Role" - Determines the role of the owner of a user page

Typical reactions might be:

1) to set an active menu item when a user page is viewed for each different role
2) Display different blocks when a user page is viewed for each different role


1) User Page(s) = any user/UID or user/UID/XXX pages where UID is a users numeric user ID.
2) Global User = The logged in user ($user)
3) Owner = The user which the user page belongs to

The module is in active development and will be part of the upgrade which will initial be to Drupal 6.

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