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ABANDONED - Use Context Breakpoints

This module was rewritten under the name Context Breakpoint.
Please use this module now, it has the same functionality and more, plus an auto-reload feature.


What it does:

This module extends the Context module with two additional conditions that enable developers to adapt to the users current screen resolution or browser width/height by using context reactions.

For example, you could use Context and the Delta module to change the template
depending on the width of the browser window.

Adaping to resolution should mostly be done with CSS and media queries,
but sometimes you just can not do everything you need to in plain CSS, and more extensive changes - like different markup - are required.

This module detects screen and browser size with Javascript and sets a cookie accordingly.
This means that Javascript and cookies must be enabled.
Also, after changing the browser size, a reload will obviously be required
for the changes to show up.


Nothing special here, just place it in your sites/all/modules directory and enable it.
Dependencies: Context, Ctools (for context).

How to use:

Just edit an existing or create a new context.
Then add a "Screen resolution" or "Browser window resolution" condition.

Screen resolution uses the dimensions of the devices entire screen, while browser window resolution uses the width and height of the actual browser window.
The width and height settings are in pixels, only numeric input is allowed.
Leave a field empty if you do not want to set a boundary.

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