This module introduces a Context condition that allows you to trigger a Context based on query parameters on a given page request.


  • Trigger contexts based on query parameters, irrespective of parameter order in the request,
  • Choose from a number of operators to use on your query parameter (e.g. "must equal" or "must not equal"),
  • Add as many parameter/operator rulesets to a context as you need,
  • Toggle between "AND" logic (trigger only when all parameter rulesets match) and "OR" logic (trigger when any parameter ruleset matches).

Example use-cases

  • Alter meta tags on paged content so web crawlers see them as distinct pages
  • Swap out download links to your desktop software with a query parameter like
  • Easily debug on production by adding a simple "debug" query parameter.

For full details, installation, and usage, see README.txt

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