Context: Menu Block allows the Menu Block module to be aware of contexts provided
by the Context module by informing menu blocks of active menu context reactions.

This project has recently been taken over and for the time being it will be maintenance fixes only and support but once the code has been fully got to grips with, I intend to actively develop the module further.


Drupal 6

Drupal 7

  • Drupal 7.0 or later. Pre-release versions (unstable, alpha, beta, release candidate) are not supported.
  • Menu Block 2
  • Context 3.0-beta3 or later


Install as you would any other module (see handbook page Installing contributed modules if you need help).

If your context reaction uses a second or higher level menu item, the menu block for the menu must have Expand all children of this tree selected in its block configuration.



Context: Menu Block is borne from the module created by Luke Berg (nauthiz693) and
Nik LePage (NikLP) in #751700: Setting active with Context Module. It contains additonal bug fixes and provides Context 3 support.

Project information