Content Theme module

The Content Theme module is a simple and easy module to use which allows to use different themes than the site default on content creating, editing, and viewing pages.


  • Assign a theme to all content. (This overrides the system default theme)
  • Assign a theme to a content type. (This overrides content wide themes and system default)
  • Assign a theme to a content node. (This overrides content type themes, content wide themes, and system default)
  • Allow to use different themes on content creating/editing pages than on viewing pages.
  • Fine-grained permission control.
  • Drupal novice friendly.


If another theme is displayed as expected, enable the Content Theme Debugger block from the Content Theme Debugger module. The block displays a list of modules which override the system default theme sorted by module's call-up.

Similar modules

This module is similar to some other modules, but different in some ways. Specifically:

  • Page Theme module which allows to use different themes than the site default on specific pages such as front or contact page.
  • Sections module which has most of the same features as Page Theme, but adds a role based selection and a "php snippet" area to choose the theme.

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