The Content Tab module is a handy module for an administrator of a site or a user with given permissions to view the content written by a particular user.

The user can view the content in two ways.

  1. Navigate to http://example.com/user/4/content, which would show the content written by the user with uid 4, with different content types in different sub tabs.
  2. Navigate to http://example.com/user/4, which would show a tab called Content, clicking which would show the content written by that user.

The same functionality can be made using views, but in case someone wants to avoid views, this is a really handy and easy to use module :).


  1. Administrative interface to let the admin choose which columns to display, pager settings.
  2. Sortable table with pager.

Similar Modules

This module can be compared to core tracker module. Content Tab module comes with configuration options, filtering the content on content types, allowing the user with appropriate permissions to edit/delete the content which are some of things missing the core tracker module.

Drupal 8 Version

Drupal 8 version of this module is being worked upon. This version is still in development state as I am trying to understand Drupal 8 API and changes and trying to incorporate those, and learning Drupal 8 is lot of fun :)

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