This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Example Scenario:

Anonymous users are allowed to post comments on your site and page caching is enabled. An anonymous user posts a comment but does not see it because the same cached version of the page is displayed before and after commenting.

Content refresh to the rescue. If a new comment is posted and published the cache entry of the content will be deleted and the user immediately sees the posted comment.

Module Features

Content Refresh provides cache clearing functionality for various content related actions provided page caching is enabled and the minimum lifetime is greater that 0.

Comment Actions

  • The page cache for a page is cleared when a comment is added, edited or deleted.

Front Page Actions

If the Clear Front Page Cache option is set to yes on the module settings page

  • The front page cache is cleared when a published promted node is added or deleted.
  • The front page cache is cleared when a promted node is unpublished.

Additional Info

If you want to know how this module works, read the following articles:

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