Content Language Access Module restricts the access of only contents with language (except neutral language) that are equal of the actual Drupal language being accessed or others that were previous configured in the admin page.

This module helps when you have a content that needs to have access restriction by Drupal language.


  Domains: (EN_US) (PT_BR)

    node/20 (EN_US)
    node/21 (PT_BR)
    node/22 (Language Neutral)

  Results: - response: 200 - OK - response: 403 - Access Denied - response: 403 - Access Denied - response: 200 - OK - response: 200 - OK - response: 200 - OK

Similar modules:
Check some modules that provide some others useful functionalities, similar to Content Language Access module:

  • Translation access: This module provides per-language access control for creating and updating nodes by adding a list of checkboxes for each available language to the user add/edit form
  • Language access: Restrict user access to locale languages using permission. Useful for sites where multilingual content has not been fully prepared yet.

Running multiple node access modules (Drupal 6)

This module rewrites the access callback of node/%nid URL, but if you already have another module doing it, just let Content Language Access Module with a higher weight in the system table on database and the other module will still working.

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