This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module is pack of tools for working with Drupal 8 core Contact module forms. It's provide:

  • AJAX support for contact forms on demand.
  • Service to easy call contact form w/ and w/o AJAX support, generate link which opens form in modal window w/ and w/o AJAX.
  • Text filter which allows to create simple links with modal form support.
  • Twig functions to easy embed modal links or whole form in the template.
  • Hooks to modify data on every step.
  • There is no UI for module. I don't see any reason for creating it right now. This tools are targeted for developers to use on demand, not globally.


It's recommended to install module via composer.

composer require drupal/contact_tools


For more information look at documentation which is provided with module in /docs folder:

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