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Contact Redirect add a redirect field when editing the site-wide contact forms provided by the core contact.module. It allows users to easily redirect visitors to a thank you page or to more information. Settings can be set for each site-wide contact form. The default is still the homepage.

6.x Version released

The 6.x patch submitted by cgardner has been applied to HEAD, please test and submit any issues to the issue queue.

Proposed Changes to Drupal Core

#306662: Add redirect option to site-wide contact forms
I proposed a patch to add a redirect field to the core contact module (basically adding code from this module to core). Others have proposed using triggers and actions instead (though support for a different redirect per page looks difficult). Follow the discussion at the issue above.

Multiple Language Support

Folks have requested a new way of storing variables so that redirects can be different depending on language. Follow that discussion here #399816: Add multi language support. If you have something to add to the conversation about the best way to do that please help.

Related modules

  • Custom (Form) destination : create custom form destinations (redirects) sitewide for any form. Looks like only Drupal 6 and above.

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