This module expands the features of the site wide contact form. It eliminates the drop down category menu by generating a clean looking contact form (without a drop down menu) for each of the contact categories. Each contact form has a unique path i.e. 'contact/{category}'

You can also specify Additional information for each category that appears above the form and define the subject in the link to the form.

D7 version is fully translatable and compatable with the Internationalisation (i18n) module via the included Contact Forms Translation module.

The path 'contact/{category}' generates a contact form for that category with a title of 'contact {category}'.
The path 'contact/{category}/Subject goes here' defines the Subject as well.

Now compatable with Contact Field module
If you are having problems with this module and contact_fields then upgrade to the latest version as from 6.x-1.15 this module, when enabled, will check if the contact_fields module is installed and make the necessary changes to ensure compatability. You may need to disable and enable this module for the changes to be made.

Example Sites:
Princeton Community Democratic Organisation -

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