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Contact Entityforms is a replacement for the core Contact module. It requires the Enityforms module and the sub-module Entityform Notifications. The core Contact module should be disabled if you are using this module.

It lets the administrator choose Entityform Types to use for personal and site-wide contact forms. Different Personal contact forms can be used depending on the role of user being contacted.

This module comes with two Entityform Types. One for personal contact forms and one for the site wide contact form. These can be enhanced or replaced with other Entityform Types.

It also comes with two default Rules for sending emails for the Contact forms. These can also can be enhanced or replaced.

Because Entityforms are fieldable any number of fields can be attached to the contact forms.
Example uses:

  • Letting the user reference site content(or other entities) in the contact form using Entity reference module.
  • Using advanced field modules such Address Field in a contact form.

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