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The Configuration Selector module allows modules and install profiles to provide multiple versions of optional configuration. For example, if you want to provide a view that lists content that integrates with search_api or content_lock or both or neither. The module allows you to provide 4 different views in config/optional and as different dependencies are installed views are enabled and disabled according to a priority set with the configuration.

This module currently has no user interface and is meant for use by developers who can manually edit their configuration.

How it works

Configuration Selector configuration can be added to configuration entities' third party settings for example:

    feature: your_feature_name
    priority: 10

Note you also should add config_selector to the configuratione entity's dependencies like so:

    - config_selector

When there is multiple active configuration with matching third_party_settings.config_selector.feature values the one with the highest priority will be enabled. All the others will be disabled.

The advantage of only supporting configuration that can be disabled means that any user customisations are not lost as no operation is destructive.


The module only works with configuration entities that can be disabled. It provides configuration schema for Views and Blocks out-of-the-box. Many configuration entities cannot be disabled.

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