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Conditions are sets of requirements (e.g. PHP code, current page or site) that make the condition as a whole TRUE or FALSE. Other modules can provide new requirements or use the Condition API to trigger some kind of action (e.g. display a block or switch the theme to Garland) in case a condition is TRUE.

Included requirements

  • PHP code
    TRUE if the evaluated code returns TRUE
  • Pages
    TRUE if the any/all/none of the entered path(s) is/are (like) the current path.
  • Sites
    TRUE if the any/none of the checked multi-site directory(ies) is the current directory.
  • Domains
    TRUE if the any/none of the entered (sub)domain(s) is/are (like) the current domain.

Modules using Condition(s)

Proposals for further usage

  • Add conditions as an extra option for the the blocks hide/show filter.

Project information