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Composite Layout allows your nodes to be displayed in complex layouts. Currently, two and three column layouts are provided. You can also add other nodes, blocks, and even CCK fields to your node's layout. The content area of your node is divided into zones and you decide what should appear in those zones. Zones are essentially the same as Drupal blocks, but they apply to nodes rather than the entire site.

You can think of Composite Layout as Drupal blocks for nodes.

There is overlap in functionality between Composite Layout and Panels. Both address the issue of complex layouts, but each has a different approach.

Here is an informal comparison:

  • Panels is more powerful and flexible (I think, I'm not a Panels expert).
  • Composite Layout is simpler (I hope).
  • The user interface is different. You may prefer one or the other.
  • Composite Layout applies on content types, so it can be turned on for any node. Furthermore, you can have more than one composite layout node type.
  • If you use the Content Construction Kit, Composite Layout allows you to manage the layout of your CCK fields.

Otherwise, it will probably come down to personal preference as to which is more suitable.


You can try a demo by visiting the ProsePoint demo info page which leads through to the ProsePoint demo.

Please note the demo site gets reset every hour. If you have trouble reaching it, it may be in the middle of a reset. Wait about 5 minutes and try again.

The Fine Print

Composite Layout was written by ThinkLeft for ProsePoint.

ThinkLeft is available for Drupal website or module development.

ProsePoint is a derivative of Drupal for publishing newspapers and magazines online.

Credits: The layout icons in Composite Layout are from the Panels module.

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Link Request

If you like this module and are feeling charitable, we would like to request a link to either ThinkLeft or ProsePoint with something similar to the following:

<a href="">ProsePoint - Open source online newspaper and magazine software</a>


<a href="">ThinkLeft - Drupal website and module development</a>

By linking, you will be supporting us supporting Composite Layout. Thank you!


As of 6.x-1.0-beta4, Composite Layout supports layout sets, whereby a layout set can be saved and then retrieved for nodes.
As of 6.x-1.0-beta5, it is possible to specify a default layout set for all new nodes of a content type.

As of 6.x-1.0-beta8, you can add custom layouts via other modules. See comment 13 of #503320: custom layouts for an example.

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