This is a simple module to load the composer generated autoload from the sites/all/vendor directory.

A more richly featured module can be found at Composer Manager. I haven't use it yet but it looks great.

Composer is a tool for dependency management in PHP. It allows you to declare the dependent libraries your project needs and it will install them in your project for you.

This project supports the use of composer in Drupal 7 with only one vendor directory.
This puts the responsibility of managing dependances and conflicts within composer.json files on composer install (DRY).

To use this module you need to:

  • Create a composer.json file for your site dependances in sites/all
  • Install the dependances with either composer install or the drush composer commands
  • Install and enable this module.

If you enable the module before creating a sites/all/vendor directory you will see warnings.

Also the state of the composer autoload and the available packages are included in the status report.

Project Information