This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Compass is a meta-framework tool for authoring stylesheets. This module provides support for the compass command line tool from within a Drupal site.

Compass relies on Sass, a stylesheet authoring language very similar to CSS but with nested rules, variables, mixins (which look like functions and take arguments). Sass and its partner Haml were designed for Ruby web applications, but Compass makes Sass more available for non-Ruby development projects.

Compass supports Blueprint, YUI and CSS libraries. However, you can use Compass without one of these CSS frameworks. You can also use these libraries — separately or even in combination — as a starting point for your own CSS framework.

Currently, this module provides a menu callback for on-demand compilation of a theme's stylesheets and a cron job to optionally update compiled CSS stylesheets if the Sass stylesheets have changed.

After installing the module, visit the settings page to set the location of your compass binary.

Themes must include additional settings in their .info files for the theme to be recognized by Compass module.

compass[status] = 1
compass[sass_dir] = "sass"
compass[css_dir] = "css"

You can specify any other command line options in this settings array.

Important requirement

You must download and install compass for this module to work. This means you need to have ruby. The installation of compass is easy if you follow the directions, but you do need to run commands in the shell and you may need administrator (root) privileges.

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