Important: This module is deprecated. See Commerce Backoffice for a more advanced set of Commerce backend views and related functionality.

This is a feature containing replacement VBO views for the main Drupal Commerce admin screens, including Products, Orders, and Content. This allows you to mass-delete content, orders, and products, etc.

It requires Views Bulk Operations as a dependency.

On installation, Commerce VBO Views disables a few default views provided by Commerce; it will re-enable them if it is disabled

Updates and new features:

  • 2011-11-10: The module automatically disables the Commerce default views when it is enabled.
  • 2011-11-07: Added a line item view and a customer profile view and a product display node view. Removed the override of the Content admin and moved it to Admin VBO Views.
  • 2011-10-26: Products can be mass-enabled or disabled, as a new VBO rule was introduced.

You may also be interested in Admin VBO Views which provides general Content and User administrative views.

Watch pcambra's Commerce Module Tuesday video on Commerce VBO Views.

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