This is a companion module to the Drupal Commerce 7.x-1.10 security release. Not every site can process the username update immediately, and the update process baked into the release is necessarily limited in what it can do to help manage the change of usernames.

Username update process

This module provides a simple form at Administration > Commerce > Configuration > Update usernames that displays how many usernames on your website look like e-mail addresses. If it finds any, typically created as a result of the default anonymous checkout completion rules in Drupal Commerce, it allows you to update them to remove the hostname from the e-mail address. For example, would just become john.doe.

To ensure every username is unique, it will append numerals to the username as necessary. For example, if there is already a john.doe username on the website, a user named would become john.doe1.

The update is managed via a batch process that cleans 100 usernames at a time. It does not currently send any notification to users that their usernames have changed, though that is in the roadmap for the 1.1 release of this module.

Alternate strategies to notification

In the event that you manage a site with a large number of user accounts using e-mail addresses as usernames, in addition to notifying your users that their log in usernames have changed, you could simply switch to allowing log in via e-mail address. Since the e-mail address on the account will remain unchanged, and users were already used to logging in via e-mail address, they should notice no difference.

To accomplish this, consider using the E-mail Registration module.

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