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A module for Drupal Commerce that enables subscriptions. Currently, that means buying a role, but could feasibly expand in the future to buying access to a specific node, or other site features.

This gives you:

  • A fieldable entity to represent subscriptions that users have.
  • A subscription product type to represent subscriptions that users can purchase.

Currently, this module works with PayPal WPS. We intend to extend it to work with other payment providers in time - SagePay & Authorize.Net are the ones on our roadmap.

Update: 7.x-2.x branch

I've just pushed a new development branch, to prove the concept and expand on the idea of using Rules to grant and remove roles from users. Currently this is quite sparse, but over the coming weeks should flesh out into a full blown implementation.

This will add the capability to separate out payment modules from the main subscription core, allowing different payment provider integrations with commerce subscription

It would also open the way for custom actions for site builders - e.g. sending emails to clients when their payments lapse, custom welcome messages, or redirects to custom content

Feel free to comment in the issue queue. - instanceofjamie

Drupal 8 version

Replaced by Commerce Recurring in Drupal 8.

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