Packing slip page
Packing slip print view

This module provides a customized order view to be used as a printable packing slip. A new sub-tab is added to the administrative order view to access the packing slip page. The order line items are built with views much the same as the default administrative order view page. This view is then embedded into a basic .tpl file that can be themed further. Support for providing a logo is included. If no logo path is defined, the site name will be used instead.

The print view is compatible with the overlay module if enabled. However, in order to get that to work, I had to include the overlay print CSS globally because there was no way to tell if a user was on the packing slip page from the parent frame. If anyone has any insight on that, I'd be happy to hear it. The only side-effect is that the header and footer of the overlay would be hidden when printing another admin page.


The initial plan for this module was to be a very simple, lightweight, way to print a basic packing slip directly from the browser. However, several people have inquired about a downloadable PDF as well. In order to keep this module light and simple, I believe the best way to go about it is to put together a small sub-module to handle PDF generation.

For the current 1.x version:

  • Bulk generate browser printable packing slips

And for version 2:

  • Add sub-module to generate PDF packing slip
  • Bulk generate multi-page PDF packing slips

Please feel free to send feature requests for version 2!

1.2 Update note

If you are updating from 1.1 to 1.2, the default location of the packing slip tab has changed. If you prefer the secondary tab (like in the screenshot), just go to admin/commerce/config/packing-slip and set the the location to "Secondary tab".

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