Implements Credit card payment services on Hungarian OTP bank ( interface for the Drupal Commerce payment and checkout system.

Installing otpwebshop Library

Download otpwebshop Webservice 5.0 package:
Downloadable from:
- extract file and copy Webshop_5.0/kliensek/php/otpwebshop
folder to your libraries (e.g. sites/all/libraries/otpwebshop)
- WebShopService.php file locations should be:
- delete demo and sample files, folders (simpleshop, web_demo)

Installing & configuring Commerce OTP payment method

- Enable the module (Go to admin/modules and search for OTP Payment).
- Go to Administration > Store > Configuration > Payment Methods
- Under "Disabled payment method rules", find the "OTP credit card payment"
payment method and click the 'enable' link
- Once "OTP credit card payment" appears in the "Enabled payment method rules",
click on it's name to configure
- In the table "Actions", find "Enable payment method: OTP credit card payment"
and click the link
- Under "Payment settings", you can configure the module:
* Display label: you can configure label displayed on checkout page
* Shop ID: your OTP PosID received from bank
* OTP interface language
* Private keyfile path
* Transaction log directory
* Transaction log directory - on success
* Transaction log directory - on fail

Cron job

- cron job checks (ask and update status) not processed transactions from bank
- not processed transactions can be caused by closing web browser after
success payment, before redirection back to webshop page

Logger file configuration

- edit otpwebshop/config/otp_webshop_client.conf
- set log file: log4php.appender.WebShopClient.File
- set logging level: log4php.logger.WebShopClient.Threshold
- do not change: log4php.rootLogger


- You can add more "OTP credit card payment" - useful for test/live together
- Supportable currencies (by OTP bank): HUF, EUR, USD
- Supportable languages (OTP bank interface): hu, en, de
- Currency code is given from order
- For test environment, OTP give Shop ID with '#' prefix
- There is possibility for using drush command for triggering cron jobs
- You can disable OTP cron jobs by setting drupal variable
'commerce_otp_cron_enabled' to FALSE
- You can list commerce transaction revisions (for OTP payment) at


- You can use #02299991 shop ID and #02299991.privKey.pem keyfile for testing
- You can find test cards data in tesztkartyak.txt file

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