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This module provides a new field that allows the site admin to add an Option set that the user can choose from and pay for the option selected using any method supported by Drupal Commerce.

An Option set can be created by creating a set of Commerce Option products, and adding a new Commerce Option Field and then configuring how many options should appear and what is the text of the Submit button that will redirect the user to the checkout page.

For example to create an Option set that has: "Donate $10", "Donate $50", "Donate $100" and a "Donate Now" button the admin need to follow the following steps:

  • Add a Commerce Options Field to the desired content type.
  • Configure the Field to allow 3 Options only and Set the Button Text to "Donate Now".
  • Create 3 Commerce Option Products and enter their details.
  • Create a new content of the content type that the field was added to.
  • Select the Commerce Options products he just created and assign each one of them to an Option.

When the user views the content he will see an Options set and a Donate Now button, and if the user selects an Option and clicks Donate Now he will be redirected to the checkout page to pay for the Option selected.

This module was developed and sponsored by JesoX

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