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This module enhances some of the multi-currency capabilities of Drupal Commerce.

Current features:

  • UI for fine granular definition of exchange rates.
    (Every currency combination can be defined separately if needed)
  • Synchronization of currency exchange rates directly from the European Central Bank (ECB).
  • UI to specify which rates shall be synchronized and which are handled manually.
  • Generation of currency specific price fields inclusive generation of rule-set to handle them.
  • hooks for easy integration of custom currency exchange rate sources.

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Drupal Commerce


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It is possible to add own functions / services to sync the conversion rates.
Check commerce_multicurrency.api.php and for further
information and examples.

Known Issues

#1356906: Guide: how to display the selected currency in the checkout panes
It seems like there are issues in the interoperability between different commerce modules:

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