HDFC Payment gateway

Myndsets Software Services releases its latest Drupal 7 module - Commerce HDFC payment gateway to the Drupal community. This module integrates the robust and flexible e-commerce platform - Drupal Commerce with one of India's leading payment gateway - HDFC Payment Gateway.


* Commerce Kickstart 7.x -


* Drupal 7.x -
- commerce module
- commerce_payment module
- commerce_ui module
- commerce_order module


1. This module must be placed at /sites/all/modules. Enable the module.

2. Click on configure link next to the enabled module and go to: admin/commerce/config/payment-methods

3. a) Enable - Commerce HDFC Payment Gateway - payment method rule.

    b) Click on edit

    c) In the Actions - click on edit next to - Enable payment method: Commerce HDFC     Payment Gateway

    d) Get your merchant account from HDFC Payment Gateway. Enter the details in Payment Settings

    [Note: Site URL must be updated with your current drupal site URL (with NO trailing slash  "/")]

4. Clear cache - admin/config/development/performance


1. Commerce HDFC Payment Gateway is based on Dual Verification method and not Hashing Integration (i.e, with Hashing Flag Disable).
2. Please apply the PATCH that fixes latest HDFC security audit issues -

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