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NOTE: Google has updated their merchant/shopping API and includes the following notice "The Products Feed Specification and Google Product Taxonomy have been updated" also noting that failure to update product data may result in products being delisted. A new version of commerce_gmerchant is being worked on. If you have any interest in helping please drop a note in the issue queue

This module allows Drupal Commerce based sites to submit their products to Google Merchant

To use the module follow these steps:

  • Download the module and extract it on your live site in the sites/all/modules directory
  • Enable the module and set the administer google merchant integration permission to your store admin
  • Navigate to admin/commerce/settings/commerce_gmerchant/configure and enter your Google Merchant account details
  • Create a new content type and add a product reference field to it, the Navigate to admin/commerce/settings/commerce_gmerchant/configure-content-types and select the content type you just created.
  • Try adding a new content from the content type you just created, or editing an existing one, You will see that a new section is added to the add/edit form called Google Merchant Integration
  • Choose "Submit this product to Google Merchant.
  • Enter the product name (this is the name that will be published on Google Merchant).
  • Google recommends that you choose a category that your product will be listed under, from Google Merchant product categories
  • Enter the category you choose as a hierarchy tree under the product type field, for example enter: "Business & Industrial > Medical > Medical Supplies", for a medical product...etc.
  • Enter the product description that will appear on Google Merchant (this field must be all text and no html)
  • Enter the brand and model no (gtin/sku/UPC) of the product.
  • Choose the condition of the product, either new, used or refurbished
  • Choose the accepted payment methods for your product (it will appear under the I accept section on Google Base)
  • Upload an image to your server and enter it's URL in the Image URL field.
  • Upload any additional images you want (The module supports up to 4 images) and enter their URLs in the additional Image URL fields.
  • Enter the price for the item as its a required field on Google Merchant, otherwise your product might be disapproved

You can find more information on Google Merchant help center

This module was developed and sponsored by JesoX & The Worx Company

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