This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This project aims to provide simple, educational examples of the programming APIs used in Drupal Commerce.

Right now there are examples of:

  • Adding additional checkout panes
  • Adding additional checkout pages
  • Adding a custom line item
  • Adding order states and statuses
  • Programmatically inserting products
  • Programmatically adding to the cart
  • Creating orders

On the agenda:

  • Payment providers
  • What do you need?

Unlike the Examples project I think we can consider examples here that utilize the Commerce contrib ecosystem, as long as they're focused.

This actually provides some exploratory user interface. For an introduction and hints, see pcambra's excellent screencast on Commerce Examples and Commerce Devel..

Additional contributors are welcome. If you have an example to provide, open an issue and provide it as a patch (or create a sandbox and give a pointer to the sandbox).

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