Drupal Commerce currency configuration screenshot including Bitcoin
Transaction detail screenshot showing BTC
Commerce Kickstart screenshot showing USB key priced at 0.01 BTC

Add Bitcoin as a currency option for Drupal Commerce allowing products, orders, and transactions to be priced in terms of Satoshi.

The entire module is a single function, which hooks the Bitcoin currency characteristics into the Commerce currency options.

function commerce_btc_commerce_currency_info() {
  return array(
    'BTC' => array(
      'code' => 'BTC', // BitPay and Coinbase expect BTC, not XBT for Bitcoin
      'symbol' => 'Ƀ', // the symbol is hardly "standardized" yet
      'name' => t('Bitcoin'),
      'decimals' => 8,
      'major_unit' => t('Bitcoin'),
      'minor_unit' => t('Satoshi'),
      'code_placement' => 'after',
      'symbol_placement' => 'before',

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